EH Bildu calls for demonstrations on November 18 in Bilbao to promote the territorial debate


According to the general coordinator of the training, Arnaldo Otegi, the territorial model “which they tried to close with several locks in ’78” is currently “in crisis”.

EH Bildu has convened a “national” demonstration in Bilbao on November 18 with the aim of promoting the “territorial debate” that, in his opinion, will be at the center of the political agenda in the coming months.

The general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegiannounced this initiative on Monday, decided during the meeting of the political table of EH Bildu in Donostia-San Sebastián.

The march, that one doesn’t have a motto yet, aims to mobilize the population to become involved in the territorial debate. “It is a major political debate, important enough for us Basques to be present and make constructive proposals,” said Otegi.

The leader of EH Bildu has indicated that on that date the mystery of the investment in Spain, although in his opinion the demand to open the debate on the state model will be relevant regardless of whether elections are repeated or whether a government is formed “of progress between the PSOE and Sumar, supported by a clear plurinational bloc” .

According to him, the territorial model “which they tried to close with several locks in ’78” is currently “in crisis”. Moreover, the debate begins “because there is no government of progress without the participation of plurinational forces.”

As for the inauguration, Otegi has avoided commenting on the inauguration Strategy together and has defended that he prefers to “maintain a cautious silence” as “there is goldsmithing to be done” to reach an agreement.

However, he has assured that “the aspiration to govern without giving anything in return also makes no sense, it is not reasonable”, despite the fact that EH Bildu made it clear since election night that it would vote for the installation of a government formed by the PSOE and Sumar.

Otegi also referred to the research published today by The world which gives EH Bildu victory in the 2024 regional elections and predicts a significant decline for the PNV. According to him, the investigation is part of “a media strategist trying to tell the PNV that it will do much better if it votes for Feijóo.”

He did not want to clarify whether that will be the case Lehendakari candidateThis is a “fourth or fifth category” discussion, because what is important, he said, are the real problems of citizens, such as “care, Osakidetza or the police model.”

Source: EITB


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