Despite the fact that the poll says no, Markus Wallner continues to stick to the plans for the S 18


The disagreements about S 18 could not be greater. While some are celebrating the ‘no’ vote in the referendum, others are sticking to their plans to build highways.

As reported, the Lustenauers spoke out in the referendum on Sunday against the introduction of the S 18 with the CP variant. 77.4 percent voted against, but only 30 percent of those eligible to vote participated. The outcome of such an investigation is not legally binding, but Mayor Kurt Fischer (ÖVP) spoke on Sunday of a “politically binding vote”.

His party colleague and governor Markus Wallner may see things differently. The referendum has not provided any real answers, he said: “The crucial question is: should there be a traffic solution for the Lower Rhine Valley? For me the answer is clear: Yes!” The only possible option to relieve traffic is and remains the S18. “It will be all the more important that we as a state continue to work together with Asfinag to find a traffic solution in the Lower Rhine Valley,” said the state governor.

ÖVP club chairman Roland Breakfast also sees a solution to the traffic problem only in the CP variant. There is no realistic alternative in sight.

Asfinag is working on two variants
But not everyone shares this opinion either. Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) remains skeptical about the CP variant. The vote in Lustenau must be taken seriously. She is still investigating an alternative in the south of Lustenau. Asfinag’s response was similar. It is now working on two variants: CP and the southern ring road. The company said it was awaiting “political decisions”. However, it is quite possible that these decisions will take some time. The topic is extremely polarizing at the moment.

Take legal action against this
The referendum also caused unbridled joy, for example at the environmental organization ‘Virus’. Spokesman Wolfgang Rehm said the time for building new highways is over. If the country decides on S 18, ‘Virus’ would try to take legal action against it.

Source: Krone


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