Forum echo – criminal age: “Krone” readers demand consequences


The era of criminal liability is currently a polarizing topic – both in politics and among the readers of “Krone”. In Austria, young people aged 14 and over are currently criminally liable, but voices within the government are calling for this age to be lowered. Our users also have many, sometimes very different, opinions about this discussion.

Lower the age of criminal responsibility
Many users agreed that they would like to see the age of criminal responsibility lowered.

Parental responsibility?
Some ‘Krone’ readers pointed out that parental responsibility should not be ignored either. This is how the user sees it Johann3147 The legal guardians are primarily responsible. And also cuddler would welcome it if care is taken at home to ensure that the offspring do not become delinquents.

Effectiveness of deprivation of liberty?
Several ‘Krone’ readers had doubts about the usefulness of lower criminal liability. This is how the user sees it Worried employee Rehabilitation as the most important measure for children and young people who have committed crimes Mama Smurf has concerns about the proposal.

How do you see the current discussion about the age of criminal responsibility? Are you happy with the proposal to reduce this or do you share the view that socio-educational approaches should be used when it comes to youth crime? We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Krone


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