Auinger versus Dankl – Which of you is the better mayor?


Will Salzburg become communist next Sunday or will a social democrat rule the festival city in the future? During the ‘Krone’ debate with Conny Bischofberger in Mirabell Palace, a week before the decisive second election, the two candidates Bernhard Auinger (SPÖ) and Kay-Michael Dankl (KPÖ) gave each other nothing.

It starts off quite amicably. “The Kay”, as Deputy Mayor Bernhard Auinger calls his challenger from the KPÖ plus, who is 15 years younger than him, cycles to the beautiful Mirabell Palace, the official residence of the future city boss. It’s just that they don’t fall into each other’s arms downstairs, next to the Pegasus room.

“Of course” it is okay for the KPÖ star if the red-dark red double interview takes place upstairs “in Bernhard’s office”, so with home advantage for the election winner. Auinger was just ahead in the municipal elections last Sunday with 821 votes. Then sitting across from me are the two friendly people wearing glasses, each a major hurdle for middle-class voters. The only question is which shadow they are likely to jump over in the second round of elections next Sunday. Because someone will win.

Source: Krone


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