Kasperl of the week – Nehammer: Instead of heating rather a wheat


This is also where Austria’s Chancellor is crowned – the Punch and Judy of the week. His alcohol statements are a high percentage of shame.

Instead of heating, rather a piece of wheat – perhaps a fitting saying for the next ÖVP poster series? The Nehammers currently have a blood alcohol run. First Katharina Nehammer’s drink with her bodyguards, who are ready to plunge into every rumble for their client.

Then the strange appearance of Karl Nehammer – after all acting Chancellor (at least until Sunday 17 July, you never know with the ÖVP) – at the Tyrolean State Party Conference. The saying about inflation is well known: “If we continue like this, there will be only two decisions for you after that: alcohol or psychotropic drugs.”

Nehammer and his advisors
So that’s the chancellor’s plan against the freezing winter: drink and take pills. In addition to his own wife and ex-Bild boss Kai Diekmann, American actor Charlie Sheen also appears to be one of the Chancellor’s closest advisers.

About 340,000 Austrians are addicted to alcohol, and even people with depression will not be able to laugh at Nehammer’s statement. Even a week after the party congress, there is no apology. Rather, the chancellor went abroad on an energy mission. In the return luggage: hot air, but not suitable for heating.

First the virus-we-no-more-sayer, now alcohol and pills. Does this kind of shame always happen? As the saying goes in beer advertising: not always, but more and more often.

Source: Krone


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