Sent within 15 seconds of entering the field!


Shōya Nakajima, 28 year old player Antalyaspor Turkish, arrived at the Ottoman club this summer from Portuguese Porto after paying 3.5 million euros, with a contract for two seasons.

Until now the Japanese have argued a party with your new team. And this time his coach gave the entrance to the field to 58:15 of the match. Data is important. why exactly 15 seconds laterat 58:30, Nakajima starred in a very difficult to enter against the right ankle of a rival that earned him, initially, a card yellow.

The referee, after reviewing the play in VARthe warning to change it to a is invalid direct reda, which after analysis is shown in 60:15 of the match. Exactly 120 seconds later stepping on the grass.

The player leaves the field slightly protest while his mother, according to the pictures, he shouted restlessly and couldn’t believe the stadium stands.

Source: La Verdad


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