Another Real Madrid miracle to the Champions


Real Madrid are in the semifinals of the Champions League. That yes, suffered hard to eliminate Chelsea very close to the turn of the 1-3 first leg. It turned out to be 0-3, but the thing Real Madrid needed to be reborn in emerged and with goals from Rodrygo and Benzema, they qualified for the semi-finals. Chelsea were better than Real Madrid in a game where there was no shortage of controversy due to the disallowed goal against Chelsea with 0-2 on the scoreboard.

Ancelotti repeated the plan that led to the victory in London, with Nacho for being sanctioned Military. tuchel, For his part, he changed it because he had nothing else to do to overcome 1-3 of the first leg. The German released a more physical eleven, with a more offensive spirit and the truth is he was right. The start of the rivalry was for Real Madrid, who had the ball and were comfortable despite English pressure. The white silence changed in the quarter of an hour to 0-1 of Mountains taking advantage of a pass or a similar from werner and that Praise and Nacho they went for grapes. The forward didn’t fail against Courtoi and put it 0-1 on the scoreboard.

That goal completely changed at Real Madrid who, like the entire Bernabéu, lived in fear. the Ancelotti they chased the ball because they were unable to remove it from a Chelsea team that permanently settled on the Real Madrid field. The white team, with a lot of nerves and mistakes, was unable to turn the situation around and even with some weaknesses they could combine, they reached the goal area. Mendy. Real Madrid lost all the good things they did in the first quarter of an hour against a Chelsea team looking for a second goal to serve in against in extra time. Despite their attempts, they were unsuccessful and reached the break at 0-1. A comfort for white players and fans who are suffering so much.

A suffering Real Madrid went through in fear in the 51st minute to 0-2 of Rudiger when headed to a corner kick protested by Real Madrid players. The tie is tied and the seemingly impossible, Chelsea’s return, is a reality, and at least to bring the fight back in extra time. Real Madrid decided it was time to wake up and resume everything they hadn’t done throughout the match, which was uphill. Something that Chelsea also liked because they also changed their approach and looked for a counterattack to increase their advantage.

The VAR canceled Marco Alonso’s goal

Chelsea achieved their goal with 0-3 in Mark Alonso in minute 62 in a play born from a mistake of Mendy. A purpose revoked at the request of VAR who told the referee that the ball had hit the hand of Mark Alonso before the end and the arbitration decision was the first big joy of the night for the Bernabéu who celebrated that action as Real Madrid’s goal. A white goal came close in the 66th minute, but the crossbar prevented the goal from Benzema at the best chance for Real Madrid in the whole game.

Despite White’s attempts, the team failed to control the match in which Chelsea were still one point above Real Madrid. Ancelotti decided to delete Kroos to put on Camavinga, something the German didn’t like saying everything, and wasn’t really nice, because of that change. Coincidentally or not, Chelsea scored 0-3 in the 75th minute through Werner in a great personal action where the merengue team’s defenses helped. The tragedy of the Whites at the Bernabéu was a fact which only English fans had heard of

Rodrygo brand

Ancelotti then decided to delete mendy, where they whistle, and Casemiro and put on Marcelo and Rodrygo. And it went well for him because in the 80th minute, Rodrygo scored 1-3 after a cross from modric. A goal that brings the game back in extra time. Of course, before that goal, Courtois He dressed up again as a hero, avoiding Chelsea’s fourth goal. One team, the Englishman superior to the whites entrusted everything to a personal action of Benzema, Vinicius or Rodrygo not to go into extra time. This is how the last minutes of the meeting at the Bernabéu were lived out Carvajal He ended up as a right central defender due to an injury Nacho.

Extension and purpose of Rodrygo

The final minutes were calm at the Bernabéu as Chelsea’s fourth goal was closer than Real Madrid’s second. In the end, none of them landed and reached the extra time, a complete success for those Ancelotti seeing how the 90 minutes passed.

Extra time began with Chelsea in command, but the duo appeared Vinicius-Benzema to put 2-3 on the scoreboard. Camavinga he stole the ball, he gave it to Vinicius who put the ball to Benzema who scored in the 96th minute of the game. Chelsea left Real Madrid alive and paid for it with that goal that forced the Englishman to score two goals to eliminate Ancelotti’s staff back to use the epic, which is something this team needs to revive when the all were presumed dead and buried, including burial.

Chelsea, however, made a comeback, but reached the extra time break to score at 2-3. On reboot, Tuchel gave entrance to Saul and Jorginho to refresh the search midfield for return. Real Madrid, meanwhile, have dedicated themselves to trying to play little or nothing of what’s left, but need to reappear. Courtois to save themselves. And it’s that the suffering isn’t lost in the white rankings because the team didn’t exactly give any confidence to be calm. Every corner kick, every ball hanging in Courtois ’area is synonymous with a chance in favor of the English team.

The final minutes at the Bernabéu were heartbreaking, where Real Madrid sent the ball as far out of their place as possible and the public waited for the final whistle like someone waiting for Primitiva to touch them. Joy overflows in the stands and in the Real Madrid players who are in the semifinals, but at the cost of the agony.



Another Real Madrid miracle to the Champions


real Madrid
Courtois; Carvajal, Alaba, Nacho (Lucas Vázquez, m.88), Mendy (Marcelo, m.78); Casemiro (Rodrygo, m.78), Kroos (Camavinga, m.73), Modric, Fede Valverde; Vinícius (Ceballos, m.115) and Benzema.

mendy; James, Thiago Silva, Rüdiger, Marcos Alonso; Kante (Ziyech, m.100), Kovacic (Jorginho, m.106), Mount; Loftus-Cheek (Saul, d.106), Werner and Havertz.

The objectives: 0-1, m.15: Mountain. 0-2, m.51: Rudiger. 0-3, m.75: Timo Werner. 1-3, m.80: Rodrygo. 2-3, m.96: Benzema.

Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL). He advised Benzema (37), Valverde (68), Camavinga (92) and Carvajal (118), for Real Madrid; and James (10), Ziyech (102), Havertz (109), Azpilicueta (114) and coach Tuchel (114), for Chelsea.

second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, played at the stadium of the Santiago Bernabéu in front of about 61,000 spectators.

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Source: La Verdad


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