They force Spain to wear all red, a divisive decision


The Choosing Spanish debut against Costa Rica wearing all red. Shirt, pants and socks of the same color. It was a last-minute decision requested by FIFA and the brand that saw the Spanish team didn’t seem to like it. The RFEF had no choice but to accept the organization’s request, which wanted full uniformity, especially for aspects of television.

Before matches, FIFA meets with the teams to agree on various aspects, including clothing. Spain, like other teams, presented two models. The first, the classic: red elastic, navy blue pants and red socks. In fact, official photos were taken with him on Monday. The second is sky blue, with the same colored pants though more electric and socks to match the shirt.

Bad memories but no superstitions

Finally, FIFA demanded that, in a last-minute decision discussed on the same Tuesday Spain All red and Costa Rica will play in white. The team has already played with this kit in the World Cup in Brazil, where it was eliminated in the first stage. A bad memory is not important in the Iberian wardrobe, even if it seems that way Luis Enrique he liked the idea.

On the other hand, the brand that provides clothing to the RFEF was not happy with this decision where it had no voice or vote. Obviously because neither of the two approved models have red pants and socks and because it conflicts with their commercial interests.

Source: La Verdad


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