Serbia, against Switzerland and its mess of skirts


Serbia, against Switzerland and its mess of skirts

There is a lot of tension and curiosity in the rivalry between Serbian Y Switzerland where two teams play, with the permission of a Cameroon which is measured in the mighty Brazila place in the round of 16.

The two teams started as possible ‘covers’ for it world, although they have yet to live up to those expectations. The Balkans got off to a particularly disappointing start, as the alleged mess of skirts uncovered by the Serbian media clouded the atmosphere. dusan vlahovicwho barely played 25 minutes because he was physically disabled but could start against the Swiss, had to deny that he had slept with his teammate and goalkeeper’s wife Majorca Pedrag Rajkovic. “These stories are ridiculous, I just want to protect my name and integrity, so I will take legal action if necessary. There is no need to comment on something absurd,” said the footballer from Juventus. He was not the only one taught. It is also stated that the midfielder of Seville Nemanja Gudelj the ex’s partner did the same Real MadridLuka Jovicthe media Sofia Milosevic.

An important match is coming in the middle of all this cocoa. Serbianwhich only added a point to the draw against Cameroonyou have to lose Switzerland and the Africans did not win Brazil.

Switzerlandfor his part, accumulating the three points he added against Cameroon thank you very much for those who are sad Plunger. A draw is enough as long as the Africans do not beat the ‘canarinha’ by more than two goals.

The clash also has the morbidity of the memory of the confrontation between the two teams in World Cup in Russia (1-2) and the actions of shaqiri Y xhaka, of Kosovar Albanian origin. by scoring their goals

Source: La Verdad


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