The future of the Circuit chicane remains in the hands of Formula 1


The Spanish Grand Prix of Formula 1 may undergo changes for the 2023 edition. For years there has been talk of the last sector chicane it can disappear in favor of reaching the finish line with the help of DRS. Anyway, no one has been sentenced so far.

During last season’s GP presentation, Circuit president, Joseph Lluis Santamaria, announced that it was working to standardize the layout with its older version by adding security elements. With this achievement, from 2023 there will be both versions.

So far, as MD has learned, there is still no final decision from the promoters, while the Circuit remains open to running on either of the two possibilities.

The The chicane was introduced in 2007 to facilitate overtaking, but with the arrival of new vehicles it became more complicated. That’s why every year the debate comes up as to whether it’s worth going back and having a version from over a decade ago.

Source: La Verdad


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