The MD bivouac: Mud and Dakar surprises


“Are you going to Dakar? I will replace you”they told me last week. And it’s on days like yesterday when you wish those people were there for you.

Yesterday we started the day with another ride from bivouac to bivouac at dawn, then sleeping for 3 hours waiting for Laia Sanz to arrive. 9:30 we arrived at Ha’il. There was rain and mud from the day before on the main street. What we didn’t expect was that, from that moment on, things would go wrong.

After installing the store, it started to rain heavily. He did this all afternoon. And it will be done at night, accompanied by strong and cold winds. The bivouac is full of water and that means mud everywhere: shower, sink, shoes, pants, etc. For not to mention how wet my feet were from jumping between puddles and truck tracks to talking to Sainz and Barreda.

A decision has to be made. Many people brought their suitcases and sleeping bags to the press room. At the time of writing these lines, I have a man blowing up a mattress at the top of his lungs. They told us we could sleep in the press room or the dining room. My tent was still outside, because my first idea was to sleep there.

When I was debating between one thing and another, when I finished my work, we saw that the leader of the motorcycle had changed. The organization knew nothing and had to go to the FIM tent to ask. He had to change everything without eating. This is the Dakar. It’s hard and there are always surprises.

Source: La Verdad


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