Caught by the police with drugs, knives and air rifles


During a driver check, officers from the Völkermarkt police station (Carinthia) found two men who had not “only” used drugs, but had previously also practiced on a forest path. Despite the existing ban on weapons!

On Tuesday afternoon, a 35-year-old and a 23-year-old, both from the Völkermarkt district, left the forest path on which they had recently fired CO2 weapons at a self-set shooting range. During the ride, the police checked the vehicle and found that the 35-year-old driver was not authorized to drive.

Drugs and weapons found
A small amount of heroin was also found in the car: “The 35-year-old admitted to using heroin before driving the vehicle and refused to show himself to the doctor,” the police in Völkermarkt said. But in addition to the drugs, police also found two stilettos and five air rifles – even though the 35-year-old was already banned from using weapons.

A gun ban was also imposed on his younger friend (23) after the incident. The police investigation is still ongoing, after completion the two men will be reported.

Source: Krone


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