Sergi Roberto: the renewal just lacks a signature


One last step was missing, the exchange of contracts, and it was done. The agreement for the continuation of Sergi Roberto It is total and it remains only to balance the agendas and for both parties to set the day and time for signing the documentation. The sports part conditions the selection for its interweekly matches of the Europa League and the Copa del Rey and both the club and the youth squad representation company, which he leads Joseph Maria Orobitg, they are looking for the right moment for the president Joan Laporta and the player to be together. If this is not possible, the supreme leader of Barcelona will appoint the vice-president Rafael Yuste and in sports management, which is still there.

Sergi Roberto (31) will sign for one season and another optional depending on the matches played. It is a high price and difficult to meet that the player, however, does not care because he knows what his role is, the needs of the team and the competition that awaits, especially with the possibility of the club signing a winger . right In Xavi On the bench, Sergi Roberto has opened up a range of possibilities and now he can also occupy all positions in midfield. However, the number is at least 60% and there is a minute of at least 45′.

At the beginning of 2023, Sergi Roberto received a renewal proposal. Xavi He gave the go-ahead to its continuation and the sports management started working. It is a matter of time or a short time before an agreement is reached as the defense-midfielder has agreed to keep the record for the current season.

The good news came after his game with a goal against Cádiz and public praise for Xavi in the press conference at the end of the match. “Of Sergi Roberto I would say this is one of the most unfair criticisms I have seen in my career. He always performs, always has good grades, spectacular attitude, tremendous captain, altruistic… Of course I want him to renew. It is a guarantee for me and for boat”, he praised.

Source: La Verdad


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