What a start! Arsenal are progressing at Anfield


What a start!  Arsenal are progressing at Anfield

Arsenal, leaders of the Premier League, barely took eight minutes to get on the scoreboard at Anfield. Gabriel Martinelli’s goal after a quick move allowed Mikel Arteta’s side to get off on the right foot in this excellent match against Liverpool.

Martinelli benefited from a through ball from Martin Odegaard that bounced off Virgil van Dijk and landed at his feet. The Brazil striker collected the ball perfectly on a run through the middle, outpaced Trent Alexander-Arnold and got there before Alisson to push it into the net.

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If they win the match, Arsenal will take a huge step towards the league title as they will once again have an eight-point lead over Manchester City with eight days left in the Premier League, although Pep Guardiola’s side have a long way to go game.

Source: La Verdad


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