Lendoiro remembers his “best time” with Arsenio, before the victories


Lendoiro remembers his “best time” with Arsenio, before the victories

The former president of Deportivo Augustus Cesar Lendoiro was reminded of anecdotes with Arsenio Iglesiaswho died this Friday, and his best phase with him, which preceded the successes achieved by the manager and coach in Superdepor.

“I remain in the memory of Arsenio that the people who lived it in the oldest era of Superdepor have him. In the words of his players, who remember him as a father… despite the fact that he served in he would give them wine at meals to control them, or he would tell them the chips that were served, or he would watch, with a key to the doors of the rooms, that inappropriate guests did not come out,” he recalled to Efe .

“I was also left with the overly positive evaluations of the journalists, holding their hoses to escape their questions without answering them, but letting out at least a smile, when asked if the poor performance of the team was because to a physical problem, Arsenio’s immediate response is ‘… or chemist’ or if they ask him about his ‘great work in Super, the answer from Arteixo is ‘I only know about the works of Rodolfo Lama’ (builder from A Coruña)”, he mirrors Lendoiro.

“And of course!, I’ll take the nights and nights that we share in the club’s premises, until eleven or twelve in the first seasons of my arrival at Depor (late eighties), in a very hard time in which we discussed about the divine and the human to try to find sport and economic solutions, and ended up leaving the manager Berta Vales in the taxi, Arsenio was going home… and I concentrated on Taboo to undergo the third level of de Pepe” , he said, referring to that restaurant.

“Great memories. Probably the best time we both enjoyed, although the successes came at a different time. As ‘Zorro’ would say, Arsenio Iglesias is gone. ‘What a doubt,'” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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