Abde, the ‘dribbler’ who no longer stays


Football is going through a moment in its history where players of the dribbling species are in danger of extinction. Just a little more and it’s running out. Almost nothing. For this reason, whenever a specimen is seen on a pitch, it attracts attention no matter how few its performances are.

And that’s what happened in the Cup final with abdethe most dominant player of Osasuna and the only one capable of being dangerous despite counting the balls that passed through his boots. The players know that too. real Madrid that surrounded the Moroccan every time he tried with his unbalanced skills on the left side.

Although it was certainly from the right that his clearest chance came and where he managed to fire the final before his teammate. Torró. This is when he stands hand in hand Courtois and, out of a thousand and one ways he thought of to beat the Belgian, he chose Vaseline, the hardest, which is also a very common trait in this type of player to complicate his life to make it more beautiful.

He was sad carvajal he denied him the glory of the line and resigned himself to keep trying. And that’s what he did until the second half, when his cross, deflected by the white defense, was the start of the tie. He found what he was looking for.

He ran out of fuel and at 75′ he left the field. The left side of the Osasuna It never had the same rhythm again nor was the team the differential card with which they could change the game. The final is over for Abde but his happy football may just be at the beginning. I am 21 years old.

Source: La Verdad


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