Alonso warns McLaren before the race


Alonso warns McLaren before the race

Fernando Alonso has a first big goal between now and the end of the course: to fight McLaren for defending the fourth position Aston Martin within Constructors’ World Cup. with his partner take a walk again sank to 17th position, with a car that at the last Grands Prix was overtaken in the development of McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrarithe Asturian He again took oil from the very difficult track conditions in the Qatar GP classification to achieve an excellent fourth position for the starting grid on Sunday in the classification this Friday (independent sprint day will be held on Saturday).

All this, then Norris and Piastri, the two McLarens, would have their final Q3 laps annulled: Lando would start 10th and Oscar, 6th. They will have to come back with a car with better speed. Alonso is ready for battle.

“Mercedes and McLaren are in good shape and if McLaren overtakes us at some point we have to accept it and congratulate ourselves, but at the moment we are ahead and we will defend it every lap,” He commented, warning how dearly the Oviedo native will sell his skin on Sunday with his Aston Martin, and he hopes that in Sunday’s race he will have the speed that will allow him to fight.

“I am very happy, there were some races where we were not very competitive to be on the front line and today we achieved it despite facing very complicated conditions,” he added on ‘DAZN F1’ after qualifying.

“It’s just the first step, there are many laps left between the sprint and the race on Sunday,” said Alonso, who was pleased with the performance of his car on the very difficult track, which accelerated as the sand on the asphalt cleared a bit. “The car was fast in FP1 during the time trial, so I’m happy. “Some parts are dirty, the circuit is the only negative point, so let’s see if we can clean the track during the sprint race and have a clean track for the race,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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