Unusual: does he seek to attack after being hit by a bottle on a Tigre-Chacarita?


Unusual: does he seek to attack after being hit by a bottle on a Tigre-Chacarita?

The match between Tigre and Chacarita in the round of 32 of the Argentine Cup was marred by an incident of violence that forced the match to be suspended. Seven minutes into the second half, a bottle thrown from the stands hit Chacarita player Fernando Brandán in the face, leaving him unable to continue.

Medical intervention confirmed the severity of the injury, which led referee Ariel Penel to decide to end the match, which was taking place at Arsenal’s Julio Humberto Grondona stadium. The incident occurred shortly after a Tiger player was sent off and led to a confrontation between the two teams. The assailant was identified and arrested.

However, controversy arose after the words of Tigre coach, Pipo Gorosito, stating that “the Chacarita player led the bottle.” In fact, you can see in the pictures how the first bottle hit Brandán’s back, an act of self-pity and cause of suspension, but then the footballer turned around, looked at the public and it is not clear if the second. The hit of the bottle, the one that hit him in the face, was intentional or not, because the gesture he was making with his arms could also be interpreted as protecting a rival.

This unfortunate episode once again highlights the constant presence of violence in football, in a match that is expected to be an exciting classic between two teams from the north of Buenos Aires. It is important to note that Chacarita has previously been sanctioned for violent incidents in his stadium, resulting in his fans being banned from attending the game. This match, suspended due to unfortunate events, will determine who advances to the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup.

Source: La Verdad


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