Sarr, Senegalese goalkeeper of Rayo Majadahonda, got involved with some fans for racist shouts!


He Sestao River-Rayo Majadahondawhich corresponds to the 30th day of Group 1 of First Federationwas suspended this Saturday due to an untoward incident. Cheik Kane Sarr, The 23-year-old Senegalese goalkeeper for the Madrid team, was involved in a group of local fans who hurled racial insults at him.

After climbing to Sestao River 0-1 in the 82nd minute, the celebration of the last goal of the Biscayan team unleashed a huge conflict between the Senegalese goalkeeper Sarr and some local fans who shouted racist slurs at him and whom he faced as he chased them.

Sarr, sent off with a straight red card

Sarr He was sent off with a straight red card for touching a fan’s scarf behind his goal and his team, in protest, left the field of play and the match was suspended in the 84th minute. In a message published on their social networks, Rayo Majadahonda announced that “our team will not come out again to continue the match after receiving unacceptable racist insults to our player (Sarr). We condemn all kinds of racist insults in sport,” the note added.

The vice president of Rayo Majadahonda, Iñaki Acha, He explained what happened to SER’s ‘Carrusel Deportivo’: “It seems that after Sestao’s second goal, our goalkeeper was receiving racist insults. He was called ‘black’ by a fairly large group. The referee sent him off and he went to the locker room. He was joined by his teammates, who also heard insults hurled at him in the locker room.”

“I didn’t listen to one or two, many apologized and some people from Sestao personally apologized to me,” added Acha. “The referee suspended the match because we refused to play,” Rayo Majadahonda’s manager explained about the match’s resolution.

Source: La Verdad


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