Racing de Santander scored three points against Sanse (0-1)


Racing added three points to its locker after a 0-1 win against Sanse on Friday in Municipal Nuevo Matapiñonera. Sanse entered the match wanting to win their standings points after losing the last match against Racing Ferrol by a score of 1-0. As for the visiting team, Racing de Santander beat SD Logroñés at home by 1-0 and previously they also did it at away, against Calahorra by 1-2 and had three straight games in a row. win. After getting the result, the San Sebastian team was tenth at the end of the match, while Racing retained the leadership of First RFEF.

In the first half none of the players of each team had goals, so the result remained 0-0 in the first 45 minutes.

After half a point of the match, in the second half came the goal for Racing de Santander, who opened their scoreboard with a goal from Cedric near the end, in the 89th minute, who ended the game with the final result of 0 -1.

In the changes chapter, Sanse by Marcos Jiménez González relieved Jime, Javi Rueda and Baro for Dani Molina, Raúl and Sergi, while Karera coach Guillermo Fernández, ordered the entry of Vazquez, Sergio Marcos and Isma López to replace Álvaro Bustos, Pablo Torre and Cedric.

The referee gave yellow cards to Arturo, Llerena, Dani Molina, Sergi and Llorente on behalf of Sanse and Mantilla on behalf of the Santander team.

With 66 points, Racing de Santander continues as the leader of the First RFEF, in direct promotion to the Second Division, at the end of the match, while Sanse is in tenth place with 42 points.

The next match of competition for both teams will be played away: Sanse will face Celta B and Racing de Santander will play at Internacional.

Source: La Verdad


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