Teixi gave Figueres the lead in the 96th minute





Figures: Quinti; Reñé, Ayoub (Albert Genís, min. 68), Zou, Pugi (Joan Tubert, min. 78); Marc Bech (Álex Sánchez, min. 76), Teixi, Pol Blay, Pep Vergara; Moha and Khalid (Ousman, min. 68).

Horta: lion; Samu, Josa, Nogales (Gerard Clarà, min. 84), Kevin; Bruno (Dani Ramírez, min. 82), Vives, Vilajosana (Aregall, min. 71); Otman, Ricki Vidal (Íker Vaquera, min. 82) and Fabián (Rubén, min. 71).

The objectives: 1-0, Moha (min. 10); 1-1, Otman (min. 25); 2-1, Teixi (min. 96).

Incidents: Played at the Vilatenim Municipal Stadium before around 1,800 spectators.

Referee: Jareño Gil, regular. He advised locals Ayoub and Pugi, as well as visitors Otman, Bruno, Dani Ramírez and Gerard Clarà.

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Figueres topped the playoff for promotion to the Third Federation after defeating Horta in an even match thanks to a goal from Teixi in extra time.

The match started evenly with both players reaching the spots, but it was the local team that was the most successful when Moha headed a long ball that Marc Bech sent into the net. The tie came a quarter of an hour later. Otman took advantage of a bad start from the goalkeeper to score into an empty net.

After the break, both teams had their chances. For Horta, the clearest was in the 85th minute with a cross shot by Rubén that hit the post. And when the game expired, in the 96th minute, came Teixi’s goal, which went because of the speed of his marker and beat León for the second goal.

Atlètic Lleida had more success and beat Vic

Athletic Lleida



Atlético Lleida: Henry; Daouda, Pau Bopsch, Villote, Bipe (Solana, min. 61); Bayona (Faganda, min. 76) (Joel Chiné, min. 87), Ángel (Adrián Motes, min. 83), Peke; Konu, Samba and Youssef (Jordi Coca, min. 76).

Victor: Agustín Mora; David Busquets, Gil Bertrana, Roger Cunill, Ot Bofill; Ignasi Armengou (Dídac Serra, min. 63), Martí Riera (Marc Colomer, min. 83), Marc Hospital, Bernat Casadevall (Pol Canillo, min. 79); Max Morell (Ignasi Quer, min. 71) and Flavio André (Biel Rodríguez, min. 83).

Purpose: 1-0, Faganda (min. 79).

Incidents: Played at the Municipal Ramón Farrús before around 500 spectators.

Ballesteros Jurado, bad. He rebuked Daouda, Bipe, Youssef, Samba; Ot Bofill, Bernat Casadevall and Ignasi.

see the match sheet

Atlètic Lleida took the lead in the tie after defeating Vic thanks to Faganda’s solo goal in the second half.

Both teams came out strong in the first half. In Vic, a great play by Max was almost connected by Ignasi. On the local side, Youssef created a surprise on the left wing. In this first act, Lleida took the initiative a little more, but the scoreboard did not move.

After the break it was Vic’s turn to approach the opposite area. Ignasi failed in the 48th minute, while Ot failed to resolve Flavio’s cross (min. 50). But when the visiting team was at its best, the blow came. Atlètic Lleida took advantage of a disturbance in the area and Faganda beat Agustín Mora through a cloud of players. From there to the end, Vic looked for an equalizer in some set-piece action, but it never came.

Source: La Verdad


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