Report: "We competed with PSG and Chelsea for Lewandowski"


Joan Laportapresident of FC Barcelonagave an interview to Hristo Stoichkov for the TUDN channel, where he detailed the signing numbers of Lewandowski and thanked Polo for choosing Barca despite the fact that there are other clubs willing to offer him more. “We made the first offer and it ended at 45, with five. It was within our possibilities, the player also adjusted his salary to be within our possibilities and the Catalans are now very happy”, the president commented. of Barça, who pointed out that “We competed with teams like PSGThe Chelsea and the player wants to go to Barca“. “This is what I want. as I said JohanI want players who want to go Barcaand we should thank him because he charges less and endures the intense pressure from bayernwhich I fully respect. “

In addition, and despite the fact that he will be 34 next month, Laporta is not worried about the age of the Polish striker. “He’s a man who takes great care of himself, his wife is a nutritionist, when you have a woman controlling you …”, he jokes.

Recall the figure of Johan Cruyffwhich is forced hard Hristo in practice, report commented “I think Johan is this striker –Lewandowski– he wants to. ”“ He’s a goalcoring striker, unlike the others we’ve had. Also, included Dembele, raphinha, Fernando Torresthat for me is a player with goal and lots of projection, they are all and ansu, aubameyangY Abdethat if it goes well for us, that it progresses very well, we have a forward with the guarantees of putting on a show and scoring goals ”, he highlighted.

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The priority now, is defense

Finally, and after boosting the attack to the maximum, Laporta admitted that they would look back. “Now, we’re going to make a defense. Xavi He has us oriented with a series of players and I hope that the Catalans have new joys, kasi Lewandowski the Catalans want it “, he insisted.

Source: La Verdad


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