Serious injury to Gael Monfils


The French Gael Monfils suffered a serious injury to his right ankle on Thursday and withdrew from the Montreal Masters 1,000 in the round of 16 against Britain’s Jack Draper.

Monfils, who is returning to compete in Canada after a three-month absence, sprained his right ankle while leading 2-0 in the second setafter losing the first 6-2.

The Frenchman, 35 years old and number 20 in the world, he fell to the ground visibly in pain and, when he tried to get up he found he could not walkShe burst into tears while hiding her face in her hands.

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After a pause, Monfils managed to get up, but realized he could not continue and announced his departure.

Draper, executioner of Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas this Wednesday, will face off in the quarterfinals with Pablo Carreñowho removed the Italian Jannik Sinner.

Source: La Verdad


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