Suspect confesses alcohol and cocaine when he shot at police


The suspect who opened fire on two police officers in Vienna on Tuesday afternoon confessed during interrogation on Wednesday afternoon, police said. He drank – beer and Jägermeister – and also consumed cocaine. The Serb (32) cited an alleged argument with his girlfriend as the reason. The investigation against him is now on suspicion of attempted murder.

According to police, a 32-year-old suddenly pulled a gun from his waistband on Wednesday evening in the stairwell of a building on Hernstorferstrasse and fired shots at two police officers.

Officials were unharmed and blocked the way out for the attacker – who was reportedly intoxicated – after a brief escape with help from colleagues. He had tried to hide among garbage cans at the entrance of a garage and was arrested by WEGA agents. However, he could not be questioned until Wednesday because of his heavy alcohol use.

The shot also fell in the taxi
Some time before, a shot had also been fired in a taxi – a door has a bullet hole. The detectives of the National Criminal Investigation Department, who have taken over the case, assume that this act is also due to the 32-year-old. According to the uninjured taxi driver who drove the man from the 15th to the 14th arrondissement, he had had a relatively “normal” conversation with him before, after which he unexpectedly heard a loud bang from the passenger compartment and asked the passenger if he had just been shot, which he said. confirmed – then the man ran away.

The attempted murder investigation is still ongoing. In addition, the Serb is accused of other crimes, such as taxi fraud because he ran away without paying, damage to the taxi and illegal possession of weapons.

Source: Krone


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