Concert ban for Viennese because of dreadlocks


Viennese musician Mario Parizek wears dreadlocks and is therefore not allowed to perform in a Swiss bar. The reason: as a white person, he adopts a foreign culture.

It is not the first case: in March the German singer Ronja Maltzahn was not allowed to appear at a “Fridays for Future” rally because of her haircut. “It’s a weird feeling to be discriminated against because of your appearance,” the singer said in the interview with “Krone” at the time.

Now it touches the Viennese musician. According to the “Neuer Zürcher Zeitung”, his performance at the Zurich Bar Gleis was planned months in advance. The cancellation came a few hours before the performance. Reason: “Discomfort of our fellowmen”, it reads. The white musician wears dreadlocks and thus appropriates a strange culture.

“I want to show these right-wing people that there are others”
“I had my dreads done when I was 13 because I grew up in a fairly right-wing village and I thought I wanted to show these right-wing people that there were other people too,” says the native Tyrolean.

Estella Weiss-Krejci, lecturer at the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna, knows the problem: “Yes, it is important to be culturally sensitive, but this sensitivity is increasingly lost. The rampant ‘culture of rejection’ fills me with growing unease. Who will be hit next? No one is safe anymore. I think the involvement of the cultural police on the part of the organizers is excessive.”

Source: Krone


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