Threatened with a knife – Young Viennese robbery victims were kicked


In Perchtoldsdorf, Lower Austria, a young person was attacked, injured and robbed on Thursday afternoon. During the robbery, the 16-year-old was threatened with a knife and kicked several times. The two alleged perpetrators are themselves only 17 and 18 years old.

The crime happened around 4 p.m. With the words “Give us your cell phone or we’ll stab you,” the two young suspects demanded their victim’s cell phone. According to the director, they entered the 16-year-old.

The boys then fled with their victim’s wallet and cell phone, and the boy, who had injured his knee, alerted police.

Recognized in confrontation
Police officers were able to stop and arrest the two alleged perpetrators near the crime scene. Her victim recognized the two during a confrontation. The two Viennese were taken to the Vienna-Josefstadt prison on the orders of the public prosecutor.
The suspect had made a partial confession, police said.

Source: Krone


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