“Production stop” – AGES: Listeria suspicion against cheese factory “confirmed”


The Gloggnitz cheese factory in Lower Austria is likely the source of the listeria allegedly associated with eight cases of illness in Vienna, three of which were fatal. “The suspicion has been confirmed,” the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) said on Thursday. Three new samples from the company have been analyzed there in recent days. The Listeria strain found during the trial was only found in the affected company and in the eight patients.

The comparison with databases abroad has shown that this particular pathogen strain has not been found anywhere else in Austria or in any other EU country, according to an AGES expert from the APA. This confirmed the suspicion that the Lower Austrian cheese factory could be the source. No food containing the tribe has yet been found.

Complete cleaning and disinfection arranged
“Based on the new findings, the company was ordered to undergo a permanent renovation with a temporary production stop,” Christina Riedl of the Veterinary Affairs and Food Control Department at the Lower Austrian state government’s office said Thursday. The renovation includes cleaning and disinfection with subsequent vacancy and complete drying of the property and equipment. After a corresponding official assessment, “further decisions would be made by the responsible department”.

Last week there was a recall for the company’s kajmak, drinking yogurt and cream cheese. His boss had rejected a connection to his company at the time, saying the fault must lie elsewhere. The company is regularly monitored and their own samples were unobtrusive. Listeria was found in a restaurant in Vienna that offered cheese products, the operator said. Previously, routine cluster analyzes by AGES showed that eight diseases that have occurred since 2020 can be traced back to an identical Listeria strain.

Source: Krone


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