Top virologist warns: – ‘Corona figures may be twice as high’


Top virologist warns: – ‘Corona figures may be twice as high’

The number of new corona infections has been rising sharply for a few days – since Tuesday the daily values ​​have been in five figures and vary between 10,000 and more than 14,000 per day. But that’s only half the truth: “Due to the currently very small number of tests, people who are positively infected without symptoms often do not even notice that they are sick – or do not want to notice it,” says virologist Monika Redlberger-Fritz of MedUni Vienna in “Questions” with Gerhard Koller.

These people would continue to participate in social life and also go to work – and then infect other people there. It is therefore conceivable that the actual number of new infections is even twice as high as the officially already very high value, according to the virologist, who continues to appeal to deal with the corona virus as carefully as possible.

hospital numbers are increasing
Hospital occupancy due to corona is likely to increase to around 2000 occupied beds in the coming days, although the number of intensive care patients will remain limited given the current mutations. Because the current course of the disease is generally milder than before. However, this can change again, it is impossible to predict more accurately.

Who can wait with the fourth trick
The famous fourth sting is basically useful for anyone over the age of 12, with the exception of just those who have been vaccinated three times but also had a more serious corona infection in the past six months. In this case, the body’s strong immune response to the virus is enough to delay vaccination – for up to six months after infection.

In the video above you can see much more details about the current situation and the topic of monkey pox.

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