Meteor success for the “Starfighter”


When Gerald Rhemann looks at the night sky, he sees only photo opportunities. The astrophotographer has now received a high award!

Gerald Rhemann first brought the coveted Astronomy Photographer of the Year title from the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London to Austria this year with the photo “Disconnection Event”. He overcame more than 3000 entries from 67 countries.

35 years ago, the retired telescope builder technician and salesman discovered the hobby of astrophotography and set up a small observatory in his cottage in Eichgraben in the Vienna Woods. “My winning photo shows comet ‘Leonard’, whose plasma tail was dislodged by an interplanetary shock wave,” the 67-year-old proudly explains.

“The view is simply overwhelming”
However, the camera was located in an observatory in Namibia. There Rhemann mounted it on the telescope and modified it so that he could operate it from his living room at home. Why Namibia? – “The country is one of the darkest places in the world. In the southern hemisphere, the center of the Milky Way is also at its peak, this view is simply overwhelming,” enthuses this year’s world champion of astrophotography.

Astrophotography is only remotely related to normal photography. Rhemann set an exposure time of 52 minutes for the winning photo. “Not only must the rotation of the Earth be compensated, but also the movement of the comet against the sky background,” reports Rhemann.

Source: Krone


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