For 7500 households – A huge photovoltaic system is coming soon in Lower Austria


The largest floating photovoltaic system in Central Europe is being built in Grafenwörth (Lower Austria). The so-called floating PV is being built by the Lower Austrian energy supplier EVN and ECOwind based in Kilb and is expected to be commissioned in the spring of 2023.

With the application of floating solar PV, fallow water areas can be given a new, sensible use, explains ECOwind director Johann Janker: “Against the background of only limited space available, such systems are a very valuable addition to the classic solar installation. on the roof or in the open space.”

With a capacity of 24.5 megawatt peak (MWp), the floating system should be able to supply around 7,500 households with green energy in the future.

Source: Krone


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