How to register a domestic worker with social security?


We show you how to register a person in the Special Home Work System in nine steps and without documentation. If the working day is less than 60 hours per month and both parties agree, it may be the employee himself who leads the procedure.

The General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) was recently launched import@ss, a new portal or head office to perform electronic procedures. We will then show you how to register a person in the Special Home Employment System, in nine steps and without providing documentation.

The organization reminds us that it is mandatory to register the employee regardless of the number of working hours and that, if the working day less than 60 hours per month and thus agreed by both parties, she can manage the registration herself and pay the full fee.

To register, you must identify yourself via the electronic certificate, cl@ve or via text messageafter accessing the portal.

discharge steps

First of all, you must indicate whether you are registering as an employer or as an employee and then go through the following nine steps:

– Employee details: Type and number of identification document (DNI or NIE) and date of birth.

– Employer details: Indicate whether the employee will be under the care of a large family. If you meet the conditions, you may be entitled to a bonus.

– Contract period: Indicate the start date of the activity and the type of contract (permanent or fixed-term).

– Hours and salary: You must indicate whether the contract is full-time or hourly, the number of working hours per week/month, how the payment of the salary is agreed (monthly or weekly), the salary received, whether the salary is received during holidays, if additional payments are included, if there are attendance hours or if a wage in kind has been agreed (on the basis of this data, the system informs you about the compensation to be paid).

– Address of the activity: Fill in the details or select the address of the activity if it matches one of the activities registered in the TGSS database.

– Insurance company: Select the insurance company and choose between the INSS or a mutual collaborator.

– Contact details: Enter your contact details as a household employer.

– Automatic collection: You must enter the account to which the associated monthly fees will be charged.

– Verify your information: Import@ss provides you with an overview of all fields that you can change if you discover an error.

If the data is correct, you must give your consent after reading and accepting the responsible statement by ticking the corresponding box. Once done, you can proceed to sign the application and apply for registration, the system will show you a receipt and offer you the option to download the supporting documentation in PDF format.

No identification method

If you do not have one of the above identification methods, you can use the application submission service of the portal, where you can request registration using this form without having to identify yourself in advance. You can also process cancellations and changes to data.

To process the registration, you must complete and attach the following:

– Dates from employer: Personal data, address, Contribution account code (CCC)bank details for the collection of fees, a copy of the proof of identity.

– Data from the housekeeper: Personal data, copy of proof of identity and Citizen Service Number (NUSS).

– Data from the employment relationship (number of hours worked, salary, commencement date of employment, in case of benefits in kind, overnight stay, etc.).

– The Labor contract (to download) here some models).

– The social security registration forms (access here to the form).

– If it’s your first time hiring a domestic help, you should also check the Model TA.6-0138 HOME of the contribution account code application form (available) here).

– In addition, in case the employee does not have a social security membership number, it should be managed through the model AT 1.


In any of the above cases, the registration must be processed before the start of the work activity, with a maximum of 60 days in advance and is the responsibility of the employer, as well as the payment of the contribution.

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Source: EITB


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