Church satisfied – Putin issues decree against ‘gay propaganda’


Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a decree to defend the country against threats from other states and “gay propaganda”. The decree, signed on Wednesday by the Kremlin chief, emphasizes the importance of “traditional values ​​as the basis of Russian society”.

Moscow must take “urgent measures” to fend off threats from terrorist organizations, “certain mass media” as well as from the US and “other unfriendly foreign countries”.

Defense of “traditional values”
According to the decree, the country’s “traditional values” must also be defended against threats from “certain organizations and people on Russian soil”. These could bring “foreign” thoughts into society and “destroy the traditional family structure with propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations”.

A representative of the Russian Orthodox Church welcomed the decree. This could “protect our people and our children from being infected,” senior cleric Fyodor Lukyanov told state news agency TASS.

Homosexuality should no longer be observable
The Russian parliament is currently discussing the extension of a controversial law passed in 2013 that would ban “gay propaganda” targeting minors. An extension of the law to adults is also under discussion. According to human rights activists, any mention of same-sex couples would be banned in the future.

Source: Krone


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