Pro-Ukrainian attitude – Russians ‘blacks’ another celebrity


Pro-Ukrainian attitude – Russians ‘blacks’ another celebrity

Russia had imposed sanctions on Hollywood greats such as Morgan Freeman, Ben Stiller and Sean Penn for their pro-Ukrainian stance. Now another celebrity has landed on the blacklist: Hollywood actor Jim Carrey. But not only fresh was put on the punishment list. Also the writer Margaret Atwood from Canada.

Carrey and Atwood are on a criminal list of 100 Canadian politicians, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs whose names the Russian Foreign Ministry announced in Moscow on Monday. They were accused of being involved in “shaping the aggressive anti-Russian course” in Canada.

An entry ban applies from 100 people
Many of the Canadians on the list are of Ukrainian descent and work in exile organizations. This also applies to Stephan Bandera, grandson of the Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera (1909-59). For the 100 people, as for other Canadians who were previously subject to sanctions, an entry ban for Russia applies, among other things. Actor Carrey (“The Truman Show”) has repeatedly expressed his solidarity with Ukraine. Atwood (“The Handmaid’s Report”) has taken part in protests against the war.

Canada is one of Ukraine’s strongest supporters internationally. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged another $500 million in military aid on Monday.

Source: Krone


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