US presidency – Trump’s potential rivals are positioning themselves


Last Wednesday in Florida, Donald Trump announced he plans to run again for the Republicans in the 2024 US presidential election. But the 76-year-old, who is still quite popular with right-wing voters, is regarded by observers as as politically unsettled. At a rally organized by the Republican Jewish Coalition over the weekend, some potential primaries rivals lined up…

The Republican Jewish Coalition’s Annual Leadership Meeting, where activists and major conservative donors from the American Jewish community meet Republican politicians each year, is seen by some as the unofficial start of the primary season. At this year’s conference in Las Vegas, Trump, who spoke to attendees via video, was criticized indirectly or overtly by some.

Potential candidates with strong criticism of Trump
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for example, won big in the midterm elections, in which several Republican candidates, massively supported by Trump, suffered defeats. He took a stand against the ex-president at the event hosted by the Republican Jodenih Coalition with some other potential presidential candidates.

“It’s not a leader’s job to point a finger to the wind and then try to influence public opinion right now. No, it’s a leader’s job to set a vision, that vision to execute, show people it’s the right vision and deliver concrete results,” said DeSantis (pictured below) during his performance in Las Vegas.

Mass criticism of Trump also came from Chris Christie, the ex-governor of New Jersey: “Donald Trump selected candidates based on only one criterion. a single. No aptitude, no experience, no wisdom, no charisma, no ability to rule. It’s like, ‘Do you think the 2020 election was stolen? If yes, then I support you. If not, I will reject you.’”

And Nikki Haley, ex-US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, also took a firm stand against Trump: “A lot of people have asked me if I want to run for president. Now that the midterm elections are over, I will Let’s take a closer look. I’ll talk more about that soon,” she said at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting.

Trump still has a following within the Republican Party, Mel Sembler, a Florida real estate developer who sits on the coalition’s board of directors, told CNN last week, but warned, “I think people are going to get all his controversy.” of time.”

‘Florida man makes announcement’
In any case, there is a lot of rumbling among Republicans, and even conservative commentators from media magnate Rupert Murdoch’s empire have – at least for now – given Trump their thumbs down. The right-wing tabloid ‘New York Post’ reacted with caustic sarcasm to his renewed presidential candidacy. On Wednesday, the newspaper simply wrote “Florida man makes announcement” at the bottom of the front page – and directed readers to page 26 (!).

Surprisingly, on Tuesday night, just 720 days before the next election, a Florida retiree announced that he was running for president. “Avid golfer Donald J. Trump” made the announcement “that no political pundits saw it coming” at Mar-a-Lago, “his resort and his library of classified documents,” according to the newspaper.

The “Wall Street Journal” and the conservative news channel Fox News – had already clearly distanced themselves from Trump after the midterms, describing him as the “loser” of the Republicans. Which was surprising, given that the Murdoch media had been reporting quite positively on the right-wing populist in recent years.

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