Parachute remained closed – base jumper died jumping 270 m bridge


An extreme athlete was killed on Tuesday when he jumped 270 meters from a highway bridge in the south of France. The 32-year-old base jumper’s parachute apparently failed to open when jumping from the Millau viaduct, broadcaster France 3 reported.

The man died on the spot. The exact circumstances of the accident have yet to be determined, the ministry said. The Millau Viaduct is the highest bridge in Europe and spans the valley of the River Tarn at a height of up to 270 metres.

Jumping off the bridge has been banned since the summer
Since extreme sportsmen often jumped from the spectacular highway bridge at Millau, this has been expressly prohibited since the summer and repeat offenders risk a fine of 150 euros.

Petition against jumping ban started
Several BASE jumpers per day recently dared to jump off the bridge. In response to the ban, BASE jumpers launched a petition aiming to reach an agreement with the Eiffage motorway manager, France 3 reported.

Source: Krone


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