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At Consumption Claro we aim to help you enjoy the finest pieces of calves, cows and bulls from a variety of European breeds raised by farmers who care for their animals as if they were family members.

In close connection with them, meat companies are obliged to select these slices so that the consumer can get the best quality certified by the relevant official bodies.

How is intensive farming different from extensive farming?

Mainly in the number of cattle: in extensive breeding there is a low density of animals per hectare; Instead, intensive breeding seeks to use as many livestock as possible in the given space.

This does not necessarily mean that intense is always synonymous with poor quality or vice versa. In other words, a farmer may have several cows that graze freely and offer very low quality meat.

Quality is determined by criteria such as the Aenor Welfair ™ Animal Welfare Certificate, which, according to Grupo Vergara, analyzes:

  • placement: Daily beds so that the animals always have clean and dry straw.
  • food: It is divided into three well-controlled phases: adaptation, growth and emergence.
  • Health: Minor use of antibiotics in animals.
  • ქმედActivity: The importance of treating animals lies in avoiding their stress in order to maximize the quality of the meat.

The best pieces for saliva

Starting from this database, we specify the reasons why this is the case Top Premium Spanish Meat:

Cannibal space

This gourmet boutique, located in Cადიdiz, with on-site tastings and shipping throughout Spain, keeps the golden meat in an aging chamber. Its butcher and owner, Juan Antonio Waca Lagostera, selects the pieces that give priority to free animals that have enjoyed animal welfare, mostly adults, from eight to 15 years old.

It also prioritizes foods for which these varieties have earned prestige in their places of origin: The authentic Angus comes from the Aberdeen region, as well as the Simmental variety being purchased in the Simme Valley, between Switzerland and Germany; Or Rubia Gallega originating from Galicia; All its DIB (bovine identification document).

between them Wagyu Kobi Tajima, The black race of the ancestors, because “of the four Japanese Wagui, he is the only one who has maintained 100 percent of his purity.” As you can see in one thin sheet, slightly heated with a torch, it is an absolute delicacy with a perfect mix of fat and a sensory blast of taste.


He was born in 2005 to Jose Portas and Carlos Ronda, whose motto is “Eat less meat, choose better”. Every week they choose the best beef and old beef from abattoirs in Galicia, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland from Rubia Gallega, Cachena, Barrosa, Limiana, Simmental and Holstein varieties. In order to maintain the quality and respect of the animal they are killing, they are investing in special programs to protect rural breeds and encourage animal care and improvement.

One kilogram of beef T bone piece This is a wound that is not yet common in Spain, but you should try it as it is two in one low on the year. That is, each side of the bone that forms the T is lower than the waist, smooth, juicy, the fat well integrated and scattered; And, on the other hand, the peppers are so tender that the fillet melts by itself, with the whole aroma of veal, which is respected for 20 days of dry aging.

Miguel Vergara Group

His motto is “to turn each hatch into a real pleasure and to achieve this pleasure with the respect of animals”. This family business, which has been dedicated to livestock farming without intermediaries since 1960, has been controlled for three generations after selecting and breeding the best breeds, transforming them, preparing them and developing calf products grown on their own farm in the provinces of Valladolid, Salamanca. And Leon.

In their facilities they collect the largest saloon Aberdeen Angus variety From Spain, which, as you will notice in its juicy hamburger, its entrails, its needles and very tender herring, has a perfect intramuscular marble of fat, it is ideal for those who do not want to find it in pieces. In the groin, elevated, the nerve collapses by itself, there is no need for a typical fight with the sole of the shoe.

The whim of Jose Gordon

If you can not afford to experience their restaurant in Leon, you can always order meat at their online store. For Leo Alvare Jose, “this is not a process, but an art that begins with fellow meranchos, dedicated to caring for and adhering to organic, natural and health.”

When the time comes, calmly, “they select specific individuals from the local varieties of the Iberian stem that retain all the weight of the past: Minhota, Saiagua, Tudanka, Rubia Galega, Asturias de los Valles, Parda de la Montana, Alistana Sanabres, Vianesa Fris, Arou Maronesa, Barrosa or Cachena ”.

Chorizo ​​and beef sausage are essentially pure, with only the right fat, with a great intensity of flavor due to its spices and smoky touch of firewood. frolicsome, Delhi Which melts in the mouth, with a smooth and balanced striped texture; And hamburger and fillet, butter.


Its ideologue, butcher Imanol Jaka, argues that “the work of Basque butchers for many years in restaurants and butcher services was to search for the best cows according to the criteria of grillers.” It summarizes three factors: “Age, age, 10 to 20 years; Fat content, unlimited; And a fat texture that melts quickly when exposed to heat. ”

Exactly what you experience with its old and fat beef steak, which has been part of the Basque country’s gastronomic culture for decades, based on beef selection and roasting techniques. Now, if you prefer sirloin steak and mini hamburger with foie gras, you will enjoy their marble.

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