New study shows: – High cost of living is the biggest concern


The increasingly prohibitive cost of living is currently the main concern for Austrians. This is the conclusion of an IFES study commissioned by the GPA trade union, which was carried out in November and December. 86 percent were very or somewhat concerned about this issue, closely followed by the topic of cuts or deterioration in health care, the widening gap between rich and poor and a major economic crisis.

According to the survey (1,000 respondents by phone and online, population: resident population aged 16 and over), the climate crisis and global warming followed at 73 percent, followed by cuts in the welfare state or social system, restrictions on democratic rights, increasing unemployment and – as least of all concerns – more burdened point among those surveyed – the digitization of the working world by 38 percent. Concerns about rising costs, the health care system, the economic crisis and democracy have increased since previous polls in 2000.

Women are hit harder by the crisis
Conclusion of the study authors: The concerns of the Austrian population are widespread and cut across all social classes. Women in particular were hit harder by the crises, adding to their concerns. About 89 percent of women and 83 percent of men are concerned about the cost of living. Economic problems were more prominent with low incomes. The concerns themselves run through all income groups, it was emphasized.

Concerns about the climate crisis have hardly been dampened by the other crises. Concerns about economic developments are also increasing concerns about the curtailment of democratic rights.

GPA calls for more emergency measures
The GPA took this opportunity to demand more commitment from politicians to combat the consequences of the crisis. Some of the trade union demands were also implemented by politicians. Now more support measures are needed for private households, GPA chair Barbara Teiber demanded: “It cannot be that there is money for companies, but not for the broad masses of dependent workers.”

The union is demanding a price cap on heat from all sources, temporary tax cuts on food, fuel, public transport tickets, electricity and gas. The mileage allowance must be increased, rent increases must be capped. According to the GPA, unemployment benefits should also be increased and unemployment benefits will be indexed.

Source: Krone


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