Ambulance, rail etc. – London wants “minimum stocks” during strikes


Ambulance, rail etc. – London wants “minimum stocks” during strikes

In Britain, there have been strikes in some sectors for months. Ambulance personnel, for example, want to stop working again on Wednesday. Company Secretary Grant Shapps therefore announced that he would introduce a bill to enforce a “stock minimum.”

“I don’t think any civilized society should be in a position where we can’t agree with an ambulance going on strike because of all sorts of serious illnesses,” Shapps told Times Radio. Other countries such as Germany and France already have “minimum security rules” and the government wants similar rules “to protect the British people”.

PM: Higher wages unaffordable
There have been repeated strikes in Britain for several months. The health sector, railways, post office and border police were affected. Given the high inflation and rising energy prices, employees are mainly concerned with substantial wage increases. However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has repeatedly stressed that the country cannot afford wage increases in the public sector. However, it is conceivable that salaries will be set by non-governmental bodies in the future.

Union rejects law
Union representatives rejected this proposal. This also applies to Shapp’s plans. These are “undemocratic” and would undermine the right to strike. “The government’s proposed legislation ‘would mean that workers who voted democratically to strike could be forced to work – and fired if they disobeyed,’ said TUC general secretary Paul Nowak. That was ‘undemocratic, unworkable and likely illegal Nowak announced legal action if the proposals became law.

The opposition Labor party, which has traditionally had close ties to the trade unions, has already announced that it will abolish a corresponding law with immediate effect. There are no parliamentary elections scheduled in two years.

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