Employees of concessionaire Bizkaibus EMB support a new 24-hour strike this Wednesday


At 08:00 a demonstration started from near the EITB headquarters in Bilbao, and traffic was obstructed. There have been long delays reaching the AP-8.

Euskaraz irakurri: Egun osoko grebara deituta daude gaur Bizkaibusi zerbitzua mates dion EMB enpresako langileak

Concessionaire employees EMB Ezkerraldea-Meatzaldea de Bizkaibus —which operates in the Biscayan left bank and mining zone—will have a new 24-hour strike day at the request of the agreement and will demonstrate through the streets of Bilbao, as reported by CCOO Euskadi. The march started at 08:00 and the workers went to the Foral palace, where they will hold a meeting.

The march has caused the blockage of major roads and as a result there are long delays reaching AP-8.

The works council has encouraged the entire staff to participate because it believes they should be “stronger than ever”. “We must be present en masse, the strength we show by filling the streets today will depend on the strength we will later put at every negotiating table. We need the participation of all our compañeras and compañeros without exclusion.” he added.

In this sense, he has affirmed that they must maintain “unbreakable unity” because only then will they reach the “fair agreement” they demand.” “Not a step back,” the statement concluded.

Source: EITB


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