Negotiations in progress – Get into a taxi: self-defense instead of attempted murder


In May 2022, an argument broke out in a taxi in Vorchdorf (Upper Austria), which ended in a stabbing. The hearing at the Gmunden court is now pending – but beforehand there is a surprising twist in the case.

Was everything completely different in the end? In early May, two men rode in a shared taxi. The situation quickly escalated. One passenger, a 19-year-old German, was severely insulted by the other passenger (26). The 26-year-old had an intus of two per thousand and wanted to drag the youngest out of the vehicle at Kirchham. Then it got complicated. Because at first it was said that the German had stabbed the other man with a knife, seriously injured him and then fled.

Victim did not notice any wound
Unusual, because the victim didn’t notice the wound at first. The 19-year-old was later arrested and held for more than three months as he was under investigation for attempted murder. But things turned out very differently: “We have requested a reconstruction. An expert determined that it was self-defense,” says Georg Lampl, the defendant’s lawyer.

“fell on the knife”
The lawyer explains that the 26-year-old fell on the knife because of his alcohol consumption. His client is now charged with negligent bodily harm for excessive self-defense and failure to render assistance. But lawyer Lampl also disputes the second point. “If even the injured person didn’t notice the wound, how could my client have failed to help?” he wonders.

Therefore, the 19-year-old German, who lives in Vorchdorf, will also plead “not guilty”. He has to answer to the court of Gmunden on Thursday.

Source: Krone


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