Defense lawyer speaks – Children abused in Burgenland: parents in custody


Horrible case of abuse in Burgenland: a father is said to have taken intimate photos and videos of his then 14-year-old daughter for years. In addition, the two would have had sex several times. The suspect is now in custody. As if the case wasn’t disgusting enough, a friend of the daughter must also be accused. She allegedly took pictures with the father of how she abused her three-year-old child.

What has recently come to light in Burgenland is simply unbelievable. The now 42-year-old Burgenland is said to have let his 14-year-old daughter pose naked for the camera for years. The man would later have sold the recordings to customers via social media channels. In the meantime, the Burgenlander would not only have had sex with his daughter, but also with some of her friends.

Three-year-old daughter assaulted on camera
As if these blatant atrocities weren’t enough, a 21-year-old friend of the daughter allegedly visited the father last year and abused her three-year-old child there. According to there should also be recordings of that. Attorney Ina-Christin Stiglitz confirmed the case to Krone. On request, she is the defender of the 21-year-old girlfriend. Both the husband and the mother of the small child are in custody and are currently in the JVA Eisenstadt.

The woman was drugged
While the criminals are covering up with further information, whether evaluations of seized data storage devices, cell phones, film and photo sequences are yet to be finalized, Stiglitz said, “My client says she’s been drugged!” The lawyer continues: “A trial appointment does not exist so far.” The presumption of innocence applies to all involved.

Source: Krone


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