Attempted murder – Steirerin wanted to suffocate her daughter with a pillow


Apparently, a woman from Eastern Styria wanted to suffocate her daughter with a sanitary napkin on Monday morning – according to the police, she is a teenager. Fortunately, the girl was able to free herself, escape to the bathroom and lock the door. The woman, who has been struggling with mental health problems for a long time, eventually asked her siblings for help, who called the police. The suspect has been arrested.

“For reasons of victim protection, we ask for your understanding that we will not receive any further information about the crime scene and the age of the persons involved,” said police spokesman Heimo Kohlbacher. It is certain that the crime took place on the national holiday in the early morning hours. The Styrian, who police say is in her mid-40s, tried to kill her teenage daughter.

Mother and daughter talked about the deed
At the time of the crime, the Styrian was said to be in a state of mental distress due to an illness that had been going on for years. The daughter, who had initially locked herself in the bathroom for safety reasons, discussed the unthinkable with her mother during the morning. And the two decided to inform the mother’s siblings about what was going on.

East Styrian police officers finally arrested the suspects on the orders of the Graz prosecutor’s office. She was taken to the Graz-Jakomini prison. “The young girl is currently with family,” says police spokesman Heimo Kohlbacher. The Weiz district social service is already working on the case.

Source: Krone


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