World War III threatens – Medvedev proposes division of Ukraine


Russian ex-president Dmitry Medvedev, who is a staunch follower of incumbent head of state Vladimir Putin, explained in the short message service Telegram how he envisions the outcome of the war: In his preferred variant, western regions of Ukraine would be added to different EU countries and eastern Russia, while residents of the central areas voted to join Russia.

With this outcome, “the conflict will end with sufficient guarantees that it will not resume in the long run,” Medvedev wrote on Telegram. If, on the other hand, part of Ukraine joined the EU or NATO, hostilities would flare up again, “with the risk that it could quickly turn into a full-fledged World War III,” Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin’s confidant said.

Medvedev: War can last for decades
Otherwise, the conflict threatens to last “decades”, Medvedev told RIA Novosti on Friday during a visit to Vietnam. There could be “three years of truce, then another two years of conflict and then it will all repeat itself”.

A “temporarily” acceptable scenario for Moscow, according to Medvedev, would see Ukraine completely divided between EU countries and Russia, while a Ukrainian government-in-exile would be formed in Europe. Other variants than these three are not realistic, Medvedev claimed on Telegram.

Ukrainian counter-offensive is expected
Russia has been waging a devastating offensive war in Ukraine for more than 15 months. According to Western estimates, the Russian troops suffered heavy casualties and were only able to bring regions in the east and south of the country under their control. Western-backed Ukraine wants to fight until Russian troops are driven out of the occupied territories. A Ukrainian counter-offensive is expected in the near future.

Source: Krone


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