Accident went unnoticed for a long time – “Excursion” in botany: Ferrari in Tyrol on the wrong track


Has someone pressed the accelerator too hard? In the Tyrolean Zillertal, a Spaniard landed in the woods on Friday evening with his insanely expensive Ferrari. The accident was not noticed until daybreak. At first there was no trace of the steering wheel.

The accident probably happened in the middle of the night on the B165 near Gerlos in the Zillertal. The Spanish driver may have lost control of his Ferrari and made an unwanted trip to the adjacent plantation. In the end, the sports car ended up in the forest – getting out was impossible!

Farmers discovered accident vehicles
The Ferrari had previously mowed down a barbed wire fence. It wasn’t until daybreak that farmers discovered the damaged fence and with it the insanely expensive car. The informed police were eventually able to investigate the driver.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing
He was apparently unharmed. The exact course of the accident is still under investigation. The Ferrari was recovered by a towing company.

Source: Krone


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