Disgust alert in Upper Austria – only three of twelve sushi samples “perfect”


Sushi fans beware! In the consumer protection test of the Upper Austrian Workers’ Chamber, only three of the twelve samples achieved the verdict “perfect”, with only one sushi set completely convincing. Eight samples were considered compromised and one was unfit for human consumption.

Twelve sushi sets with maki and/or nigiri sushi were purchased from various suppliers in Linz and the surrounding area and tested in the laboratory for germ pressure and the presence of possible roundworms (nematodes). The Asian bites were also judged on appearance, consistency, taste and smell. 100 grams of the purchased sushi costs between 2.32 and 4.55 euros.

Fortunately, no pathogenic germs or roundworms were found in any of the samples. But the sensory-trained experts were also able to identify small quality differences in the top three. In the end, only one package could really convince.

Matured rice, fishy smelling salmon
Eight products showed a microbiological deficiency. With regard to the parameters examined, these samples exceeded one to five of the guideline values ​​for sushi recommended by the German Society for Microbiology (DGHM). Four of the eight affected samples complained not only about the germ load, but also about the sensory quality, such as stale rice or salmon that smells and tastes like fish.

Bad hygiene
One supplier failed because his sample exceeded the warning value for enterobacteria (faecal germs) and the guideline value for pseudomonads (spoiler germs) set by the DGHM. This indicates weaknesses in hygiene and production practices, it said.

Here is the full test result.

Source: Krone


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