Crazy: – “shot at” with e-scooter and fire extinguisher


You can ride it, push it or use it as a projectile: an e-scooter. But a 51-year-old from the Salzkammergut also used very different objects to shoot at “enemies”. And the police stood in his way.

The 51-year-old from Laakirchen went crazy on Wednesday morning when three workers had to clean up the attic of the apartment building. The men were outside the house when the tenant became enraged and shouted threats from the window. Moments later, objects also flew around: mason troughs, a ladder, an e-scooter and a fire extinguisher.

The ladder hit the cleaning crew’s bus and damaged the vehicle. When the police officers came, the rioters threw a metal can at them, broke the living room glass door and used the shards as projectiles. Eventually, the 51-year-old was overpowered by Special Forces Rapid Intervention Group (SIG) forces in the apartment and transferred to Wels Prison. The motive is currently unclear.

Source: Krone


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