Are a “danger” – terrorist organization: London wants to ban Wagner


Not least since the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the Battlegroup Wagner had a certain reputation. With the resettlement in Belarus, concerns are growing in some countries that the mercenary group could also look for personnel there. Great Britain therefore wants to put Wagner on its list of terrorist organizations.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported, citing Home Secretary Suella Braverman, that Britain wants to ban the Wagner group on the basis of anti-terror legislation. The project will be presented in parliament on Wednesday.

If terrorist activities are suspected, the British Home Secretary can ban an organization. Such a ban already applies to the jihadist militia Islamic State and the terrorist network Al Qaeda. Supporting banned organizations becomes a criminal offence.

“Praud, Torture, Barbaric Murders”
Wagner was “a ruthless and destructive organization operating abroad as a military tool of Vladimir Putin’s Russia,” the interior minister quoted the Daily Mail as saying. “As the Putin regime decides what to do with the monster it has created, Wagner’s continued destabilizing activities continue to serve the Kremlin’s political ends,” Braverman said.

The Wagner group was “involved in looting, torture and barbaric murder,” Braverman said, according to the Daily Mail. The group’s actions in Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa pose “a threat to global security,” she added. London will therefore ban “this terrorist organization” and continue to support Ukraine “wherever we can in their fight against Russia”.

“They are simply terrorists”
“They are simply terrorists – and this ban makes that clear in British law,” the BBC quoted the minister as saying.

Britain had already imposed sanctions on Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin, who died in a plane crash last month, and several of its top commanders for involvement in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Source: Krone


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