New photos have emerged – “General Armageddon” is said to be in Algeria


Sergei Surovikin, also known as “General Armageddon”, is said to be currently in Algeria. According to the information, he traveled to the North African country with a delegation from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

This was announced by the Telegram channel Gray Zone, which is close to the Wagner mercenary group, and by an informant from Surovikin’s circles in the Russian newspaper Kommersant. Photos were also published.

Kommersant’s source links the trip to the fact that the Russian military-political leadership attaches great importance to eastern orientation in its foreign policy. Moreover, it is said, Russian authorities continued to trust Surovikin. The trip could indicate that the general would have to deal with African countries in the future.

Disappeared shortly after the Wagner Uprising
Surovikin was replaced as head of the Russian air force in August by Colonel General Viktor Afsalov. Surovikin, who was nicknamed ‘General Armageddon’ when he deployed Russian troops in the civil war in Syria, disappeared from the scene shortly after the Wagner mercenaries’ uprising. During the Wagner mutiny on June 23 and 24, he appeared in a video calling on Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin to give up. However, he left an awkward impression and wore no military insignia.

Detention has never been confirmed
On September 4, journalist Xenia Sobchak published a photo of Surovikin and commented on it, saying: “He is alive, he is healthy and at home with his family in Moscow.” A source close to the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed this to the US newspaper The New York Times, adding that the general was released a few days after Prigozhin’s death. However, his captivity was never officially confirmed.

Source: Krone


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