Hidden Inflation – How Manufacturers Deceive Us When Purchasing


Less content, but more money: Many products in the supermarket lose quality and the associated descriptions lose credibility. Because hidden price increases take money out of customers’ wallets. The call for legal regulation is becoming louder.

Chocolate bars, which are now one centimeter shorter, only the packaging remains the same size as before. Fruit juices that have been diluted with water for the light version, but cost exactly the same as the original. A salmon spread in which the fish content has shrunk from four percent to almost half, only the packaging label has not changed. These facts are raising alarm bells among consumer advocates.

Be careful, misleading packages!
Less content for more or at least the same amount of money – contraction inflation is the name given to hidden price increases that sometimes far exceed inflation. Supermarket chain Carrefour brings light into the darkness. In France, misleading packages are now marked with stickers. A large orange label on the affected products indicates the shrunken contents.

The EU state as a role model
“France is responding to the widespread scam and is already working on a law, the first text of which will be available soon. Our federal government must set a good example and follow suit,” advises SPÖ consumer protection spokesperson Christian Drobits.

Initiatives are suspended
The member of the National Council had already called for mandatory labeling of misleading packaging months ago. However, his parliamentary initiatives to amend the price labeling law, which should require clear, uniform visibility and legibility of the price per unit of measurement, have so far been postponed by the government parties in the consumer protection committees.

Fight against inflation
“Customers should not be misled when it comes to the relationship between filling quantity and air content,” Drobits emphasizes. In the next committee he makes another attempt: “The federal government should be worried about curbing inflation instead of Wiener Schnitzel and beer steins.”

Source: Krone


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