Major search – missing hiker found after hours in the forest


In East Tyrol, numerous rescuers had to search on Wednesday after two hikers lost their mountain companions. The 68-year-old only got lost during the descent and ended up exhausted in a forest.

The German and two hiking friends (68 and 67) actually wanted to hike from the Frösach parking lot in Prägraten via the Wiesachweg to the Bodenalm on Wednesday morning. After about an hour of walking, the 68-year-old didn’t want to go any further. He told his companions that he was returning and would wait for them in the parking lot.

There was no one at the agreed meeting point
The other two continued the walk. They arrived back at the starting point around 3:15 p.m., but there was no sign of their friend. First the hikers searched the area themselves. When that yielded no results, the Germans alerted the mountain rescue service.

Together with the volunteer fire brigade, rescue service and police, they started a large-scale search operation. There were also mountain rescue dogs and police search dogs, as well as two police helicopters and a police drone.

After hours the search was successful
The latter was eventually able to locate the missing person in a forest with the help of a thermal imaging camera. The 68-year-old was rescued around 9:30 p.m. He was lying in a forest south of the Wiesachweg and was unharmed, but exhausted and disoriented. According to him, the man wanted to take a shortcut on the way back to the parking lot and got completely lost. In the end he didn’t dare to go any further. The exhausted hiker was handed over to his mountain companions.

Source: Krone


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